Back in May Jewelry – The Brand

Be yourself among everybody else

You might as well be the best version of yourself since everybody else is taken. At Back in May Jewelry we sell exclusive jewelry for both men and women who value quality over quantity. In that way you get the perfect chance to express your own style and give yourself a chance to be unique in a society where almost everyone look the same. To deliver that special piece of jewelry is the heart of our brand.

Exclusive jewelry with individuality, concept and courage

Our collection of jewelry consists of both necklaces and rings and even though we offer our jewelry at affordable prices, you shouldn’t let it fool you. The quality is of high standard and we are working together with the foremost designers to create products, which are at top when it comes to both the aesthetic value and product quality. We want you to think of high quality jewelry every time you come across our brand.

We wish to bring our jewelry into the fashion industry and fashion stores where there is a demand for higher quality of jewelry. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to wear jewelry of high quality. At Back in May Jewelry we have made it our mission to give you an opportunity to look even better. Regardless if you are a man or a woman, it is wonderful to wear unique accessories, which adds another dimension to your outfit.

Wear the jewelry you want

At Back in May Jewelry it’s your own choice which jewelry you wish to wear. We offer both rings and necklaces just as you can order solid gold jewelry when you really want something special. Jewelry is also a perfect and personalized gift for someone you love.

People say that clothing makes the man. At Back in May we say that jewelry gives the finishing touch.

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Behind the collection

Our first collection is inspired by Christianity in which we have interpreted the most essential symbols. Our mission is to bring unique and exclusive jewelry into the fashion world and this is reflected in every design.

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