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Jewelry Care


At Back in May we manufacture jewelry in 925 sterling silver with either a rhodium  or 18k gold plating. Our silver jewelry is plated with rhodium because it makes it more resistant to scratches, oxidation and keeps them beautiful for a longer time than regular jewelry. Even though we have done our best to deliver supreme quality, it’s still important to know a few tips and tricks about how you can maintain your jewelry.

We’ve spend many hours designing and manufacturing our collection of jewelry and therefore we want you to enjoy it to its fullest.


At Back in May we recommend that you take off your jewelry before washing your hands or taking a shower. Precious metals such as silver and gold should avoid contact with chemicals such as lotions, oils and perfumes which can break down the gold plating or surface on your jewelry. We recommend that you apply your jewelry a few minutes after using cosmetic products to protect your jewelry.

Further, we recommend that you keep your Back in May jewelry in your jewelry box when you don’t use it. The best thing would be to put it in an airtight bag. Store your jewelry separately to avoid possible scratches. Silver and gold are considered precious metals and can be fragile in contact with other metals.


Jewelry made of silver and gold will in time get oxidized. This will cause dark spots on your jewelry but don’t worry. This is natural process and not a sign of bad quality or cause of complaint. An oxidized piece of jewelry can be cleaned using silver clean which can be purchased at the local goldsmith or you can ask your goldsmith to do it for you for a small fee. You can also clean your piece of jewelry using half-heated water, dish liquid and a soft cloth.

We hope that this will help you keep your Back in May jewelry shiny and flawless for years to come!

Team Back in May.


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