Welcome to our blog section. We use this section to bring all relevant news for you. This is our first post and it goes out to all you fellas out there. In this post we will address how you can pull off the perfect necklace for men. A question which is often asked by men is whether or not a necklace would suit them and the answer is pretty straight forward: YES IT WOULD! Necklaces for men is hotter than ever before.

Our Necklaces are Made for Men & Women

Necklaces isn’t about your gender any more. Those days are in the past. Our necklaces are all designed into the idea that they should be worn by both men and women. Just take a look at our Rose Necklace in both silver and gold. Some might say such a design would be feminine, but we’ve designed it with you guys in mind. As you can see on the pictures of the necklace men wear it without looking feminine at all.

Each design by Back in May has been designed from a unisex point of view. Our designs are guaranteed to match with each individual style and outfit. That is why we offer a wide range of necklaces and pendants. Some more edgy than others. From the classy and timeless Rose Pendant in silver to the edgy Snake Pendant in gold. Depending on your personale style and preference we should be able to cover you all. Otherwise tell us your jewelry needs and we will try to meet them.

How About the Length of the Necklace?

To meet all of our customers needs we offer our necklaces in various lengths. Our shortest necklace is 47.5 cm and our longest 65 cm. In this way our customer is able to choose the proper chain length that goes with their individual style. Most commonly we experience that guys would like a long chain around 57,5-65 centimeter which often is considered masculine and the perfect length for a necklace for men. Most women purchase 47.5-52,5 centimeter. But hey, that’s just the most common. Who says you can’t have other preferences? You can see all the length worn on pictures here in our size guide.

Furthermore we often experience that both males and females choose to mix between short and long chains to stack them with different pendants for an edgy look. That is also why we have such a variety in our chain lengths.

How Thick Should a Necklace for Men be?

We often experience that men purchase thick chains and women thin chains. However a big part of our customers like to spice their chain game up and therefore stack various chain types such as Figaro and Cable chain with different thicknesses.

How Should Men Style their Necklaces?

In the urban scene the line between male and female clothing and accessories is very thin and  items are often not considered male or female. This is all about choosing necklaces and rings that you like and making them a part of your personal style and making it unique.

“In the urban scene the line between male and female clothing and accessories is very thin and items are often not considered male or female.”

Below we have illustrated a number of different customers who have made some unique jewelry combinations and represent our vision. They are the very essence of our style and show the versatility behind our brand. Feel free to browse through these photos or visit our Instagram page for further inspiration. This might help you make the right decision when purchasing your necklace.

You’re now Ready to Find the Perfect Necklace for Men

We hope that this first blog post has been helpful and that we have answered some questions that you might have regarding purchasing a necklace for men. However if you still have questions or need information about our brand, necklaces or something different, you can contact us any day. Just head to our contact page and fill in the requested information. Then we will answer your question 9/10 times within 24 hours. Otherwise you’re also more than welcome to browse through our necklaces for men (.. and women) by clicking here. You might find something you like.

Finally we want to thank you for taking your time out to read this very first blog post.

See you another time.

Team Back in May.

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