Mighty – Gold Plated (incl. chain)

Mighty is made from 925 sterling silver plated with a thick layer of 18 karat gold. Mighty features a curb diamond cut chain.


  • Handmade pendant with a polished finish
  • Designed in Denmark by Back in May
  • Worn in 57,5 cm on the picture


Mighty Necklace – Gold Plated

The Mighty Necklace has been made from 925 sterling silver and plated with 18 karat gold. Mighty features a 1.29 mm curb diamond cut necklace. Mighty is a modern urban inspired tag necklace with the classic Old English font. The tag “Mighty” has been inspired by the Christian religion and the urban underground scene.

Mighty – The Design of The Old English Necklace

We have created this design in Copenhagen in close collaboration with our Danish designer to ensure the very best result. We found  inspiration from the urban scene and has an edgy design with the Old English font. This piece of jewelry can easily be combined with any other Back in May pendant if you wish a complete look. Therefore, feel free to browse on our webshops for further inspiration. You can always contact us if you may have any questions regarding this product. 

The Finer Details of The Mighty Necklace

  • Made from 925 sterling silver and plated with 18 karat gold
  • Old English font necklace
  • Designed in Copenhagen in collaboration with our Danish designer in Copenhagen
  • Luxurious unisex design 
  • Modern Old English font necklace with an edgy look

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Chain Length

47.5 cm, 57.5 cm