Virgin Mary Pendant – Silver

Virgin Mary pendant made from 925 sterling silver and plated with rhodium – the world’s most expensive precious metal. The rhodium plating will keep the jewelry shiny and protect it from oxidation and scratches. This design is inspired by the Catholic Church.


  • Handmade pendant with a polished finish
  • Featuring Virgin Mary on the one side and a rose on the other
  • Designed in Denmark by Back in May

Pendant only – chains are sold separately. Find the perfect chain to mix with the pendant by clicking here.



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Virgin Mary Pendant in Silver

A unique Back in May silver pendant handcrafted by our goldsmith for all the ones who seeks nothing less than the best quality. The Virgin Mary pendant is made of 925 sterling silver and plated with exclusive rhodium.

Rhodium Plated – The Most Expensive Precious Metal in the World

The Virgin Mary pendant is made from 925 sterling silver plated with exclusive rhodium. Rhodium is the worlds most expensive precious metal. It gives the pendant a more shiny surface which makes it even more beautiful. Furthermore it also protects the pendant from getting scratches, from oxidation and from corrosion.

The rhodium plating guarantees a supreme quality for this piece of Back in May jewelry, which is higher than what you usually find at your fashion store.

The Design of The Virgin Mary Pendant in Silver

The Virgin Mary pendant has been designed in collaboration with our Danish designer and crafted by our highly skilled goldsmith.

First of all the pendant represents the Virgin Mary on the one side with beams of light around her and laurel which frames her. Underneath her is “back in may” engraved. The design is consequently about capturing all the details. You can see all the finer details on the pictures above.

There is a shiny surface with a rose in the middle on the other side of the pendant which is also framed by laurel. This is a more simple design than the other side but still a very elegant one.

Please note that the Virgin Mary pendant is sold without a necklace. Please head to our collection of necklaces by clicking here to find the perfect necklace to match with this pendant.

The Finer Details of Virgin Mary Pendant

  • 925 sterling silver pendant
  • Plated with the most expensive precious metal in the world – Rhodium
  • The pendant is featuring the Virgin Mary on the one side while a rose on the other
  • We have designed the Back in May silver necklace in collaboration with a Danish designer
  • Handmade by our goldsmith
  • The size of pendant is 2.3 cm x 1.6 cm

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