Back in May Size Guide for Rings

Which ring size should I order?

This is a frequently asked question by customers when they are buying their rings at a webshop. Most people are a bit lost when they aren’t able to try the ring before they are paying for it. Luckily for you there are a lot of guides which will help you choose the right ring size. In this size guide we present two easy ways which you can use to measure your ring size.

When you have read the size guide and have found the perfect ring size, feel free to browse through our selection of rings here.

1. Approach: Measure an existing ring

Do you have one or more rings laying around? Then you can determine the size of these rings by measuring the diameter. That way you can get a good idea about in what size, you should order your Back in May ring. The only thing you need for this approach is a ruler, tape measure, or even better, a Vernier gauge. You measure the diameter of the ring from the inside of the ring. It is the distance you can see in the picture below. If you look at the table you can see what the specific diameter is equivalent to in ring size.

Diameter på indersiden af ring

Check your size

Diameter on the inside of the ringRing size
14,6 mmsz 46
14,9 mmsz 47
15,2 mmsz 48
15,5 mmsz 49
15,9 mmsz 50
16,2 mmsz 51
16,5 mmsz 52
16,8 mmsz 53
17,2 mmsz 54
17,5 mmsz 55
17,7 mmsz 56
18,0 mmsz 57
18,4 mmsz 58
18,7 mmsz 59
19,0 mmsz 60
19,3 mmsz 61
19,6 mmsz 62
20,0 mmsz 63
20,3 mmsz 64
20,7 mmsz 65

2. Approach: Measure your finger

To figure out which ring size that fits you is equivalent to figure out the circumference around your finger. By measuring your own finger you can easily figure out what ring size to wear on that finger. See the description below where we tell you which tools you need, to be able to measure your finger. It only takes 2 minutes!

You will need this

  • A piece of thread or a strip of paper
  • A ballpoint pen or a marker pen
  • A ruler or tape measure

How to measure your finger

Take the thread (or paper strip) and twist it twice around the finger on which you want the ring to be worn. Do not tighten the thread too much, as it represents the ring you want to wear on the finger. When the thread is twisted twice around the finger, draw a line with the ballpoint pen across both pieces of thread. You can now take off the thread and measure the distance between the two lines, that you just draw on the thread. This is your ring size. If the distance is 60 mm then your ring size is “60”.

Be aware that your fingers have to be normal temperature. They may not be too warm or too cold, as this might affect the size of your fingers.

As an alternative option you can visit your local jewelry store where you are able to try rings in different sizes to determine your perfect size.